Announcing Trust-Less 2020: A Proof-Of-Stake Validator Summit

On February 1st and 2nd, developers, technologists, and investors from around the world will learn how to run validators on Proof-of-Stake (PoS) networks at Trust-Less 2020, a free virtual conference with in-real-life (IRL) watch parties.

Hosted by Dystopia Labs and the Blockchain Acceleration Foundation (BAF), this event comes at a crucial time because many layer-1 Proof-Of-Stake (PoS) blockchain networks are scheduled to launch in early 2020, and they require a strong community of validators to ensure decentralization and security. Furthermore, most of the educational material exploring PoS validators is siloed and unclear, making it difficult for educators to incorporate PoS modules and lessons in the sparse university curriculum currently available. Finally, this conference is the first step in convincing university computer science departments to run validators as a means of funding blockchain education. 

Thanks to the conference’s virtual format, founders and CTO’s from leading layer 1 protocols and staking-as-a-service operators will join in hosting a series of seminars and panels explaining how to participate in their network Some of our notable speakers include Preston Van Loon (ETH 2.0 Developer; Co-Founder of Prysmatic Labs), Luke Youngblood (Exec at Coinbase Custody), Evan Shapiro (Co-Founder & CEO of O(1) Labs / Coda), Joe Petrowski (Research at Parity / Polkadot), Marek Olszewski (Co-Founder of Celo), Benedict Chan (CTO of BitGo), Collin Myers (Global DeFi Product Strategy at Codefi Networks (ConsenSys), and Richard Li (COO of Certus.One). 

To participate, all viewers need is access to WiFi and a willingness to learn! Each speaker will have 30 min to present and there will be a 15min Q/A slot where you the rest of the audience can interact directly with the speakers and ask questions. Attendees can interact with one another throughout the entire summit & we will have moderators/tutors on standby to help troubleshoot. For those who enjoy a more intimate experience, there will be in-person watch parties being held in San Francisco, New York City, Miami, Mexico City, Los Angeles, London, Seoul, Singapore, and more. 

Register for this free virtual conference here and connect with our growing Telegram community here

Other Relevant Points

Unlike in Bitcoin mining, running PoS validators do not require specialized hardware. Not only is this transition better for the environment but it will also make protocol participation much more accessible and decentralized. 

Many layer 1 blockchain companies are launching and running incentivized test-nets in 2020. These companies include Polkadot, Code, Celo, Near, Solana, Oasis, and (maybe) Ethereum 2.0. 

About Dystopia Labs

Dystopia Labs is a startup studio run by technologists, designers, and marketers working together to prevent a dystopian future for the blockchain space. We identify knowledge gaps, share case studies, and develop operational strategies to help engineers build viable decentralized businesses. We are hyper-focused on providing free quality education & bringing more students & developers into the space.

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